Canto Hondo

Strange house.
Time has absolutely lost in it.
Plenty of dreams in eyes and all the air used in rooms.
When you choke, there is no time for dreams.
Simple sorrow.
The one, who can not forgive, stays deserted.
She remains silent. She is dancing the deep song.

Canto Hondo is organic fusion of dance, live music and spoken word. It offers a precise gaze into a mysterious world of a woman soul. It is a story of three generations, where borders faint in the land of the living and the dead. A mature woman is returning to her natal home after years. Her husband, who is accompanying her, lives next to her, rather than with her. The woman is fondly trying to revive dying partnership on the background of confrontation with her own past.

The strange house, which is above the time law of the world, is visited even by the woman’s pubertal daughter – deformed picture of mother’s unfulfilled dreams. History of maternal-daughterly relationship is repeated. However, the woman is not able to step out her vicious circle. She is not willing to forgive those, who live with her, yet particularly herself. She is left on her own after all; she stumbles through life in a fog of her own imagination...

Opening: 17. 12. and 18. 12. 2007


Awarded in three categories DOSKY Awards 2008:
Best Production Award 2007/2008
Best  Directon Award 2007/2008,
Best Incidental Music Award 2007/2008

For contribution in the field of drama and theatre, Sarka Ondrisova received The Prize of Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic 2008 for topic, script, choreography and direction of the "Canto Hondo - deep song about her...".