Dance school

Why elledanse?

Our top priorities:

  • professional attitude – high-quality instructors belonging to both Slovak and foreign elite
  • individual approach adjusted to everyone – groups are small, which means the instructor has enough space to approach every attendant individually to provide them the joy of dancing, of being in motion; dance isn’t a military exercise, it is supposed to be fun, relax and harmony
  • applications accepted throughout the year
  • dancing school is closely associated with the  theatre and uses its rooms for presentations and performances

An opportunity to make it to the ranks of company  and perform on stage, and even as far as perform on various popular events such as Elán je elán, OTO, Slávik etc.


Dance education for children and teenagers at elledanse is aimed at the systematic development of movement ability. Its aim is to provide pupils and students with the widest possible overview and practical experience in basic dance techniques. Besides improvement in particular techniques, another part of the educational process aims at the rehearsal of choreographies and their public presentation, and the development of dance theory and musical perception. The result of the work of the young dancers is presented at various competitions and exhibitions, but also regularly in December and June at the elledanse Gala on the premises of the elledanse Theatre. The rich choice of courses offered is supplemented by other regular activities: Day-long summer camps for the youngest and day-long summer camps for older children, site specific performances and the project Dancing in the Streets.