Untraditional project, musical and dance performance titled Fusion. A connection of musicians, dancers, reality and most wanted fiction. Where everyone can tell about themselves (Their story), about the burden of this time, about their dream, where everything’s different yet it’s still all about you. The drummer is not a drummer, saxophonist plays without making a tune, the sound of the singer is not singing and the dancers will speak their mind about it.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Culture of SR and the sponsoring company KAIROS Company for enabling us to realize the performance.

A dance crew Cool2rock "Otec" Mirec Janík, Katka "Chilli" Čillíková, Roman "Esi" Takács a Feri Haar, who are known in the underground dance scene will show themselves in a different light. Their inspirations gathered from hip hop, popping or breakdance are transformed into metaphors of motion. The music produced and performed in the performance is by a music group called Hangsome – Juraj Raši and Samuel Hošek. The atmosphere is enhanced by tallest saxophonist in the game Martin Kadlečík. Lighting design By Róbert Polák on a simple scene created by Kristína Herberger and Veronika Gaplovská who experiment with light and shadow.