Holiday in the Land of Fairytales

"Alica! You are the only one who can help me. 
I’ve just been cursed by water from a magic puddle. 
A very evil queen poured it into my cocoa.  I’m turning into a goat. 
And the evil queen wants to turn the reservation into a television! 
And send everyone who isn’t beautiful and ‘in’ back to the ice age to freeze!”

Preventing the evil queen from turning the fairytale characters into television celebrities and saving the world of fairytales – this is Alica’s mission.  Alica is a little girl from the future who plays the main role in the new fairytale performance by elledanse Theatre called Holiday in the Land of Fairytales.  This fantasy sci-fi performance is for children from 5-12 years of age, their siblings and parents.

The elledanse Theatre draws the children’s audience into the land of fantasy with the story of 11 year-old Alice, whose story has been little bit inspired by cult tale of Alice in Wonderland. The fairytale takes place in the near future.

Alice has another day of holidays in front of her. Her parents are on a business trip in the solar system and Mr. Modlivka is teaching her Martian language.  This normal day, however, is interrupted by the news that the evil queen wants to create the most successful television channel in the universe and put all the fairytale characters in it. She wants to destroy their stories, and so she burns all their books. Amongst the children on Earth, Alica knows the most fairytales of all and, for this reason, she’s the only one who can save the world of fairytales.  A day of running from the evil queen‘s henchmen and looking for help in the ice age, where the fairytale figures lived among the people, awaits her. She has to find the sorcerer, run from the dragon, keep from falling off the flying carpet and not be drowned by the genie.  Her allies are Mr. Modlivka, Matematix the Sorcerer, the Knight, Scheherezade, Sinbad and the Dwarf.

On stage, Holiday in the Land of Fairytales will shine with unconventional humor and a dreamy fairytale atmosphere.