Mgr. art. Šárka Ondrišová, ArtD.

She is holder of the most prestigious theatre awards in Slovakia, as well as the Minister of Culture’s prize. She has worked with the top domestic theatres – the Slovak National Theatre, Studio L+S, the Arena Theatre, Astorka and Nová Scéna. She has created tens of pieces of choreography for musicals, operas and important television shows.

Šárka Ondrišová has lived for dance since she was little.  And she literally lives for dance every day at the elledanse Dance and Theatre School, which she founded in 2007. She is its artistic director and leading personality of the only permanent stage for contemporary dance in Slovakia.  She develops her own original projects for it.

Over the course of elledanse‘s five seasons in existence, she has been its choreographer and co-producer of many successful dance pieces, including: Canto Hondo – a profound song about her..., which won the DOSKY 2008 theatrical prize for best performance, best direction and best music, as well as the Slovak Minister of Culture’s prize; Apple; Silent Snow; Tribute to Cows, which was nominated for DOSKY; Water for Water; and the current Long Night.

Šárka studied ballet choreography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.  During her studies she had already begun to create extraordinary dance pieces, such as: Girls and Boys to the music of Prince, Siesta to the music of jazz great Miles Davis and Apple Game to a melody by the king of tango, Astor Piazzolla.

In 1994, she began to collaborate with the Nová Scéna theatre. Her choreography can still be seen there today in cult musicals such as Hello Dolly!: directed by Milan Lasica, Donaha! By Jozef Bednárik, Kleopatra directed by Filip Renčo or Krysař by Jozef Gombár.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of her successful collaboration with the Radosina Naive Theatre.  She has choreographed well-loved pieces by them, including: Predators‘ List (Súpis dravcov), User’s Manual (Návod na použitie), With One Touch (Na jeden dotyk), 7 Main Sins (7 hlavných hriechov), I Have a Hangover (Mám okno), Radosina Selection (Radošinský výber) and I Don’t Take Sugar (Nesladím).