Silent Snow

My winter, yours and of the others
its coldness is torrid
and a gulp of air shapr as a knife
first snow on heart

things are multiplying
glaciers are knocking
course that can shake the earth
love making in a goose-skin amazement

the sky switched off
the earth flew off
a race beyond belief
during White christmas
falling snow was black

Basis for the Silent Snow performance was shaped from a “choreographic research“ on the topic “Winter”, which took place within the framework of a ten-days workshop of the group A of elledanse - dance school  under Boris Nahálka’s direction in August 2008.  He left this material as a “work in progress” to the director of elledanse - Šárka Ondrišová, who decided to complete this project in cooperation with a choreographer Ján Hromada.

Opening: 11.11. 2008, Meteorit theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia