Water for Water

Memories dissolving in water.
In dreams and in water everything is hidden.
But dreams we don’t remember and water is deep.

Dreams come into our sleep and our days. Dreams haunt us. Dreams strike up a conversation with us. They are that, which we don’t want to know, don’t want to admit. That’s why they come at night when we close our eyes and grow silent, then they can tell us what they want.

The original dance piece Water for Water was created as a series of dreamlike and relational scenes.

“Water appears as a symbol in almost every picture: it’s in the bathtub out of which other figures emerge, in a bucket and a teapot, and we hear it dripping as well. Water where memories they want to forget dissolve. The first scene is repeated at the end – but with a time lag – we see people just coming into the hall, their expectations, impatience, a sense of foreboding…In this choreography, which deals with the theme of life’s earthquakes and borderline situations, someone is constantly falling. In almost every scene, dancers fall (in some cases too hard), bounce and jump off surfaces, slide and come into contact with the floor.” (Pravda / E. Gajdošová / Voda v pohybe / 31.1.2012)

Opening: 3.12. 2011