Quadrans as a ¼ of the whole.
The whole as a human searching for himself in the complicated interhuman relationships.

Mini-stories of seven performers full of dance vibrations and metaphysical gestures. The never-ending relationship of man and woman in an ironic-sarcastic form is materialized in full-blooded dancing, physically demanding partner-dance.

The stage characters tired of the never-ending mutual battles are oftentimes falling to the ground, just to be returned by the computer back to the Game called Life. A very contemporary stage form is oscillating between dance abstraction and theatre reality, is filled with expressive actor-movement signs of woman-man psyche, as well as of humor and irony.

An ambitious stage form, characteristic by wide-spectral use of art forms(interactive animation and live music composition). 

Opening: 28.10. and 29.10. 2010  T&D house, Bratislava