Long night

When I first saw Star Trek on TV, I was 10 years old.
I knew right away that I wanted to live like that.
On a beautiful spaceship hurtling through time.
I understood that I would not achieve it during my lifetime, and so I decided to live it in my head.  The main thing is to let the right world into your head.
Quen elf language and galactic Klingon language have gained a huge name with those of us who are dissatisfied with today’s life. We don’t know exactly why, but we are dissatisfied. And there are more and more of us. The center of the earth and Star Trek.  Two of the best worlds that we have.  One has already been and the other is yet to come.

Why do we escape into worlds that we know from sci-fi films? And why don’t we like living in our own world of today? The new dance theatre piece Long Night, from the pen of playwright Viliam Klimáček offers answers in a nontraditional form.

In this original tragic-comedy, the author combines words and dance, humor and laughter through tears in an innovative way.

Scenes appear in front of viewers’ eyes like film clips: the body of an unknown foreigner lies on a hospital gurney. During the autopsy, the pathologist composes poetry for his wife’s birthday. A young married couple has trouble putting their baby to sleep so they can enjoy each other. Their old and devoutly religious mother keeps interfering in their life. And a young man teaches the audience to speak Klingon language – a language from Star Trek.

The play purposefully blurs the lines between tragedy and comedy, between humorous and horrifying moments.  It is this grating uncertainty that describes today’s world.  Behind everything in this play is the strange mood of the times in which we live.  And the knowledge that things are not so great with mankind and the planet Earth.

This is the first collaboration between elledanse and GUnaGU.

Opening: 13.10. a 14.10. 2012