The Tribute to the cow

The Tribute to the cow arose from the authors´ need to cope with the past of a place, where alternative theatre elledanse seats – in the T&D house in a building of a former slaughter house.

Motive of being respectful towards life and a place, which originally served other purposes, was aimed to express. 

It is an original celebration of the cow as a cult animal, which is connected to our dailiness in various ways. Lives of the cowboys and dairy maids, who can not be omitted, fade into one another in a witty and dramatic way without any coincidence. A stinky and fly-bitten stable is the place where both cruelty and humiliation stand next to the tenderness and sentiment. A rare topic, shifty rhythmical and kinetic variation, intense passion and surprising humour suggest a remarkable experience.

Opening: 14.1. and 15.1. 2010