“Today I’m home alone
And the quiet-o-meter
Is reading the max
I’ve got me all to myself
And the quiet-o-meter
Is reading the max.”
(From the song “Quiet” by the band MED)

How do people behave in private and in public?  The musical and dance performance FUGA by the elledanse Theatre directed and choreographed by Lucia Holinová answers this question in a nontraditional way.  Through contemporary dance, hip-hop and rock the piece reveals little by little stories, situations and relationships that we witness every day but do not actually perceive.  The force of dance is strengthened by live music with the band MED appearing directly on the stage. Four dancers represent four types of human temperament.
An important element of the piece is some very effective scenery – in front of the viewers’ eyes, windows and holes open up and through these “gaps” we observe the stories.  From intimate solos to duets and dynamic improvisation.