Bubbles in the concrete

In the city, it often happens that a new building stands where an old one used to, and so in each building another one may be hidden.  A house within a house.
An on a hot night, when it’s so hot that the walls begin to boil and bubbles break through the concrete, the two buildings can meld into one another.
People from the past come over to talk or just borrow some salt for the soup.

The elledanse dance theatre has brought a slightly “different” musical to the theatre scene. It’s called Bubbles in the Concrete and is conceived with deep thinking and ironic humour. The author and director of this piece about strange people living a strange life is the well-known playwright, poet and founds of the GUnaGU theatre, Viliam Klimáček.

“The actors’ performances overlap with musical numbers and dance theatre. Combined with live music by the group Longital, they create a playful and secret world inside one apartment block, which is a bit crazy,” admits Viliam Klimáček. 
Four actors, two dancers and two musicians – cooperation among creative personalities known on the domestic artistic scene: the poetics of Viliam Klimáček, choreography by Šárka Ondrišová and Radoslav Piovarči, costumes by Renáta Ormandíková. It all guarantees a truly original experience.